Coming Soon!

It’s probably worth mentioning right away, just so we’re clear, that I am a rabid fan of Johnny Depp. I haven’t seen nearly all of his movies yet, but I’ve seen a good many of them and I love all of the interesting characters he can portray.

I’m also a huge fan of Tim Burton. I’ve seen most (not quite all) of his movies as well, and I just love his interesting views on things. I love how his mind works.

So naturally, I am VERY excited that the premiere of “Alice In Wonderland” is just a little over a week away now! Yes, I’m more excited for myself than I would be as a parent–this is definitely going to be a different view than the old Disney cartoon film. But I love when classic tales get a good modern once-over, and with Burton and Depp on board, well you just can’t go wrong.

I’d like to share a recent clip I found about Johnny and the Mad Hatter, mainly to keep me entertained while I wait–just a little bit longer!

And you can find tons of other goodies at the official website.


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