The Terminal

[Reposted from an old, neglected blog of mine: my first-ever movie review.]

Thanks to Netflix, I finally got to watch “The Terminal” last night. I love Tom Hanks, so I was expecting to enjoy this, and I did. It’s funny how this movie could have slid down into an extra-cutesy ensemble flick with stereotypical loveable characters, but there was just enough added character development to keep this movie from getting predictable. I have to admit, the first time Navorski (Hanks) started spackling walls, I was asking, “what the heck is he doing?!” Hubby’s only complaint was by the time they got to discussing the purpose of Navorski’s visit, Hanks’ accent was so thick it was difficult to understand exactly what he said. Ah well, that’s what “rewind” is for!

My favorite moments in the film – other than the obvious ones: where all the workers were flashing Navorski the high sign after he helped the guy with the meds, and when Navorski finally enters New York – were: the scene where Officer Torres meets up with Enrique in the cafe, flashing the “Live Long and Prosper” sign while wearing his ring; and the look on Hanks’ face while he was listening to Benny Golson play at the Ramada. Just the emotion on Hanks’ face in that semi-final scene was reason enough to watch this movie. I’m glad I did. As if I needed more convincing, I am now vowing to buy every movie Tom Hanks has ever made. I’ll have an excellent collection if I do. And to think, the guy started out prancing around in heels and a dress on “Bosom Buddies”…..

Oh, by the way, here’s the main reason you could tell Navorski was a foreigner: after all he went through to catch up to Benny Golson, the only musician who hadn’t sent his late father an autograph, he actually waited until the end of the set to get the prized autograph. Your everyday New Yorker probably would’ve smacked Golson upside the head and said, “would it have killed ya to write?!?”

Now here’s the crazy part – not only was this movie based on a real person, the guy was found still living in the airport as recently as Dec. 2005! If you’re interested, read more.


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