My Thoughts On Insidious

Sorry to say, I must disagree with most of the Cinema Blend review that piqued my interest about this movie. I found this movie to be a mish-mash of multiple horror clichés (I kept looking for the couple from Paranormal Activity and the lady from Poltergeist), the acting was less than compelling (although Elise’s sidekicks were hilarious), and to say the score was “off-putting” is paying it an undue compliment. Add this to my list of films that didn’t deliver what they seemed to promise. I will say, though, I did get creeped out a couple of times, laughed out loud multiple times, and got way too much enjoyment out of other people’s reactions. So it was definitely entertaining overall, just for entirely different reasons! And it made for some interesting discussions afterward, so it certainly wasn’t all bad. Just not quite what I expected. Makes me think I should really stop prejudging movies, but that is rather challenging, at least for me. We’ll see how I feel about Source Code next!


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