Barton Fink

Never let it be said that I only watch (or review) current or even recent movies!

So I finally got around to watching Barton Fink, which I’m pretty sure was recommended to me by Netflix if that gives you any indication of my viewing habits. I finally remembered where I had originally heard of John Turturro (as Shooter in Secret Window), and only realized halfway through that this was a Coen brothers film. That should have tipped me off right there.

Besides being unnaturally distracted by the presence of mosquitos — as well as various other weird plot “holes” — I found myself surfing the web looking for any analyses of this movie that might still be easily found. I was not disappointed. Going along with my recent post about how films are better examined than criticized, I’d like to share with you a wonderful blog post about this film from a couple of years ago. And then I think I’m going to go to bed and hope *not* to remember my dreams! Well done, Coen brothers.


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