Just A Peek, For Fun!

I have kind of a love/hate relationship with movie musicals. Generally, I LOVE them. But if they’re done poorly, it’s utterly painful to sit through. (Just as an example, you can go back and check out my review of Les Misérables, which I thought was amazing–with one exception.) Next month comes Hollywood’s latest offering, Sondheim’s Into the Woods. It boasts a HUGE cast of big names, and hopefully all of them will do their roles well. I do tend to judge actors’ singing, although they get big points for actually acting their way through the songs rather than just singing them. Case in point, my beloved Johnny Depp, whom of course I have already seen do Sondheim as none other than Sweeney Todd.

And speaking of Johnny Depp (when am I not?), I found a lovely new animated poster today for Into the Woods. Sure, it’s kind of gimmicky, but so is the fact that they’re really trying not to divulge too much of what Depp’s Wolf looks like. Of course, I worked backstage for a touring performance of this show years ago, and let’s just say the Wolf’s costume was…awe-inspiring. Whew.

Anyway, take a look! You can check out the posters of the other characters, too.

Are you looking forward to the premiere? I’m ready!

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