Bringing Us All Home: Supernatural’s Baby

Taking a brief departure from movies, to share a lovely review of the most recent episode (and one of my new top 5 favorites!) of Supernatural.


Tweet, @zabrinamakeup Tweet, @zabrinamakeup

It’s the day after the day after as I write this, and I’m still basking in the afterglow of this week’s Supernatural episode. In fact, all of fandom and even some of the entertainment media is basking in the afterglow. It feels, as someone on my twitter timeline said, like the old days. When I’d go online after an episode of Supernatural aired and everyone would be squeeful, unanimous in their gleeful appreciation of the Best. Show. Ever.

It was like that Wednesday night, as post after post after post went on and on about “Baby”. I tweeted that my episode review would be really short this week: Perfection.

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